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About our company

What do we do?

FT Mount Group composes of four branch companies:
Shanghai Huasu,Hangzhou Fangtian, Shaoxing Oryzen,and Shaoxing Finer Metal.
Business covers engineering plastics,modified plastics and original chips etc.Shanghai Huasu is the sole overseas market agent for Shanghai Shenma engineering who is the biggest engineering manufacturer in china,focus at PA66 and PA6.

FT Mount also invests automobile industries speciall in motorhome and caravan business,manufacture and supplying hundreds of self patent parts and kits;Finer Metal and Oryzen Metal at Shaoxing city,producing metal casting,plastic mould parts,welding tubes,laser cutting etc.

Hangzhou Fangtian established in 2014 who offers import &export service and logistics.

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    Whether it is pre-sale or after-sales, we will provide you with the best service to let you know and use our products more quickly.

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    We persist in qualities of products and control strictly the producing processes, committed to the manufacture of all types.

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    Excellent quality

    The company specializes in producing high-performance equipment, strong technical force, strong development capabilities, good technical services.

Latest information


2021 China Sustainable Plastics Exhibition

“2021 China Sustainable Plastics Exhibition” in Nanjing International Expo Center from November 3 to 5, 2021 2021 is the first year of the 14th five year plan. In order to thoroughly implement the new development concept, demonstrate the advantages of plastics in green, environmental protection a...

Analysis of the impact of epidemic situation on...

Analysis of the impact of epidemic situation on plastic industry Since the outbreak of Xinguan epidemic in 2020, it has an impact on people's health, economy and society. In particular, the epidemic has reduced foreign trade demand orders, reduced production capacity, upgraded control of ...